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Keep Jerusalem אם אשכחך

The name “Yerushalayim” is a contraction of two Biblical names: “Yir’a” (Awe or Seeing”) and “Shalem” (Complete).  • Read more »
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  • There has been a Jewish presence in Jerusalem for 3,000 years and a Jewish majority since at least 1844.

  • Since Israel united Jerusalem in 1967, the Arab population has quadrupled, and Jerusalem has become an open international city embracing all religions.

  • Today there are 225,000 Jews living in East Jerusalem, half the total population of the Eastern part of the city.

  • Jerusalem was never the capital of any other nation in history except for the Jews.

  • During Jordanian rule over Jerusalem (1948 – 1967) the city was gravely neglected and closed to Jews and Christians. Today, the city flourishes and is open to all religions.

  • Until 1967, the Palestinians considered themselves to be an integral part of the Arab world and not as a separate nationality. Moreover, they never before claimed that Jerusalem was their capital.

  • Jerusalem never appears even once in the Koran. The prophet of Islam never once visited Jerusalem. There is only a Moslem legend that claims that Mohammed was brought to Jerusalem in the dark of night by the angel Gabriel.

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