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Jerusalem: City of Peace, City of Justice, Eternal Capital of Israel

We the undersigned declare firmly and confidently: Jerusalem is the eternal political and spiritual capital of the Jewish People, and it must ever remain whole and unified, under the sovereignty of the State of Israel.

The eternal bonds linking the nation with its long-time capital city were never severed. Daily prayers around the world for its welfare, and a constant Jewish presence in the Holy City, ensured that city and nation would remain mutually loyal – and after seemingly endless centuries, it is in our generation that the Jewish People have returned home.

Yet, many truths about Jerusalem and its Jewish history remain forgotten - or have been intentionally erased. Let it be stated clearly:

Jewish Rights:
Jerusalem was the capital of a Jewish state for the better part of a millennium:
– but never once of an Arab or Moslem country.

Jews all over the world have prayed, and continue to pray, for Jerusalem many times each day for centuries; the Palestine Liberation Organization’s original covenant of 1964 did not even mention it.

Jerusalem is mentioned hundreds of times in the Jewish Bible, but never once in the Quran.

The population of Jerusalem has been overwhelmingly Jewish for nearly 150 years.
Today, nearly as many Jews live in what is known as eastern Jerusalem as do Arab citizens:
Nearly half of all Jerusalem's Jews live in "eastern Jerusalem"!

Religious Freedom:
Under Jordanian control, Jewish synagogues and other holy sites in Jerusalem were desecrated, and Jews were not allowed to visit. When Israel took charge, it enacted and faithfully observed a Knesset law stipulating that the "places holy to the peoples of all religions shall be protected from any desecration and from any restriction of free access to them.":

Legal Rights:
A former President of the International Court of Justice in the Hague wrote that Israel, as the victim of aggression, has a better title to Jerusalem than its Arab neighbors:

Security Dangers:
Decades of Arab Muslim and Palestinian violence in Jerusalem have included lethal terror attacks on buses and in restaurants, Temple Mount riots and rock attacks at Western Wall worshipers, shootings, stabbings and bombs:
Giving Jerusalem neighborhoods over to PA control will whet terrorist appetites and will geometrically increase Jewish exposure to dangers.

Demographic Dangers:
The division of Jerusalem is liable to lead to the exodus of tens of thousands of Jews from the city, as well as the move of a similar number of Arabs to the Israeli side of Jerusalem – a two-way trend that has already partially begun in response to signs of future division.

We Resolve!
We stand as one and proclaim: Jerusalem will not be lost! It has always belonged to the Jewish People, and must continue to belong to the Jewish People. Giving away even parts of Jerusalem would be both disastrous and immoral. The 1948-1967 wall that cut through it like a jagged knife must never return.

Jerusalem, the city of unity and loyalty: We commit to both.

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