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International Keep Jerusalem Council

The name “Yerushalayim” is a contraction of two Biblical names: “Yir’a” (Awe or Seeing”) and “Shalem” (Complete).  • Read more »


MK Hamad  Amar   Israel Member of Knesset - Yisrael Beitenu 
Gary  Bauer   Washingon DC Former Candidate to US presidency 
Adv. Shmuel  Becker   Israel Lawyer, Founder Givat Olam Oil Exploration
Yossi  Ben Aharon   Israel Former Director General of Prime Minister's Office
Eitan  Ben David   Israel  Gold, Real Estate, Hotels
General Uzi Dayan   Israel Former Deputy Chief of Staff IDF 
David Dembitzer Brooklyn   New York Real Estate
Eli  Dworetsky  Woodmere  New York     Accounting Practice, Board Member NCYI
Zev Elkin   Israel Member of Knesset - Chairman of the Likud Coalition
Benny Elon   Israel Former Minister of Tourism
Yoram Ettinger   Israel Former Consul General in the US
Dr. Baruch  Falach    Israel Jewish History
Adv. Yitzchak Fund   Israel Law Firm
Aryeh  Fund   Israel  Principal KPMG Jerusalem
Gila Gamliel   Israel Deputy Minister of the Israel Government in the Prime Minister's office
Linda  Geller Lawrence New York  Businesswoman
Prof. Nahum Goldberg   Israel  Hadassah Ein Karem
Rabbi Shmuel  Goldin       Rabbi of Ahavat Torah, Englewood NJ
Rabbi Moshe Gottesman Oceanside New York Oceanside, Former head of HANC
Michael  Gottlieb   Israel  Finance
Jerry  Greenwald Brooklyn   New York Owner and publisher, Jewish Press
Dr. Ofir  Haivry      Academic Director, Shalem Institute; Jewish History
Adv. Stuart  Hershkowitz   Israel  Real Estate Investments
Eli Hertz Queens  New York Computer Corp. Ex Chairman of CAMERA, Board Member, AIPAC
MK Ayoob  Kara   Israel Member of Knesset - Likud - Deputy Minister of the Development of the Negev and Galil
Dr. Mordechai Kedar   Israel Arab and IslamicExpert - Bar Ilan University
Lee     Lasher  Englewood New Jersey Metals, Chairman of the Board of Rabbi Goldin's shul
Shalom  Menora   Israel  Real Estate, High Tech
Albert          Nassim Great Neck New York Head of Iranian Jewish community, Great Neck
Dr. Mordechai Nisan   Israel Middle East Studies, Hebrew University
David Oleska    Oleska   Israel PR and Education Company Jerusalem
Sheikh  Palazzi   Italy Head of Moslem Council, Italy,
Mike   Roth  Teaneck   New Jersey   Insurance, ex President of Bnei Yeshurun Synagogue
Zvi  Sand   Israel Real Estate Investments
Nadav     Shragai   Israel Journalist, Researcher, Author- Jerusalem
David  Suissa Los Angeles California  LA, Businessman, Syndicated columnist
Drew  Tick   Israel  High Tech
Dr. Robert Weiss Manhattan     New York  Gastroenterologist

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